Jay Baney

Jay Baney is a serial entrepreneur and business builder specializing in strategic planning and tactical
implementation. His approach is analytical and measured with a focus on maximizing shareholder value
and return on client investment.
After receiving his BA from Middlebury College, Jay began his career as a concert producer and business
development manager with the Los Angeles-based New American Orchestra. He later moved to New York
City to get his Masters Degree from NYU and to co-found Twinbrook Music, an independent compact disc
distributor. Jay ran Twinbrook for 13 years into the age of digital music when he partnered with Ban Dai to
launch MY-CD.com, one of the first web sites to offer pre-recorded music online. After Ban Dai, Jay
moved on to build the E-commerce subsidiary of Haband Company, a large family-owned direct mail
firm. In 10 years as President of Haband Online, LLC, Jay grew the business and scaled the operations to
enable revenue growth from zero to $35 million annually and built a customer file of 1.7 million
As part of Haband’s Executive Team, Jay helped turn the parent company around from losing $7 million
annually to generating $12 million in EBITDA, enabling the company to be sold to Golden Gate Capital in
2006. Golden Gate purchased 5 other catalogers as part of a roll-up strategy and created Orchard Brands as
their management arm. In this new entity, Jay’s focus was to optimize customer touch points across all the
brands, drive costs out of the operations and insure customer satisfaction.
Since 2012, Jay has worked in various capacities with Capturepoint.com, boutique software and application
development firm based in Bergen County, NJ. After writing and implementing a 5 year strategic plan, Jay
redesigned the company’s marketing and customer service areas.
Jay lives with his family the New York metropolitan area where he performs regularly as an amateur
musician in support of local charity and theatre events.

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