Lisa Gold

Lisa Gold is an entertainment career coach and consultant with her own firm, Act Outside the Box. Coming from a performing background and growing up with a comedian father she has been fortunate to be encouraged every step of the way during her 30 year career. A graduate of North Carolina School of the Arts, she also attended the acclaimed Cincinnati Conservatory of Music before leaving to study acting privately with renown teachers Gordon Hunt and Darryl Hickman. She began working professionally at age 16 and has made an income from acting or singing every year since, performing for Presidents, Astronauts (the 20th anniversary of the first lunar landing) and audiences worldwide. Her musical theater credits include a long list of well known shows as well as some groundbreaking new works headed for Broadway. Currently working in television (most recently the Emmy Award winning daytime drama All My Children), commercials, print and independent film, she has turned her attention to leading seminars on the Business of the Business as a way to contribute to others from experience she has gained both as a performer and as one of the owners of Actors Connection. A small mom and pop networking facility in the 90’s, Actors Connection has grown into the #1 Networking/Educational studio in New York. The studio today, with over 120 networking events monthly, is a testament to the need and desire of actors needing vital connections that will ultimately lead to their desired success.

Lisa’s underlying purpose in everything she does is to end the “Starving Artist” syndrome by aligning with like-minded individuals and entities who believe creative artists deserve to make a great living at their chosen profession.

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